Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pocket locket

I needed to make something for Pauline on the theme of 'women's faces'. I had all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas, but settled on something simple, and (I hope) elegant.

I bought this large heart shaped locket a long time ago, and have been waiting for the right time to use it. Pauline likes purple, so I gave it a rub with Royal Amethyst Treasure Gold, left it for a while, then polished it with a soft cloth to make it shine.

For the insides, I took some watercolour paper, then stamped the two faces (both Stampers Anonymous stamps) with Ranger perfect medium, then brushed gently with several shades of purple chalks. I then brushed with Plum Perfect Pearls, which gave a lovely shimmer. However, they didn't look quite 'finished', so I gave them a thin coat of soft gel medium, and stamped into it with a detailed stamp. I let it dry, and gave it a very thin coat of White Fire Treasure Gold, using a very light touch, just skimming over the high points. You can't see this on the scan, but it gives it a sort of tapestry look, and you can see the pattern of the stamp I used when you move the locket in the light. Sadly, the coat of gel medium covered up the Perfect Pearl shimmer, but overall it improved the images!

I hope Pauline likes it.


  1. She loves it-and get wait to get her hands on it!!!!thank you

  2. Gorgeous!!!! Love all your ideas.




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