Sunday, 22 July 2007

Textured gesso

I have been playing with gesso.
I am running a swap on CC Swaps,
where I have asked the players to use one of
four techniques using gesso, so I thought I would have a play
and see which of the techniques I liked best.

The samples below are 'textured gesso'.

The top sample is a piece of cardstock painted
with a thick layer of black gesso, and stamped into
with a flourish stamp while the gesso was still wet.

It looked interesting,
but didn't really do that much for me.

And then I gave it a rub with rub'n'buff wax.
Wow, it really showed the texture, and I LOVE it.

The samples below were rubbed with
rub'n'buff in turquoise (left) and gold leaf (right)

The samples below were rubbed with
rub'n'buff in antique gold (left) and amethyst (right)

The sample below is white gesso,
stamped into with a Cory Celaya stamp

(from After Midnight Art Stamps)
and rubbed over with turquoise rub'n'buff

and tiny touches of gold leaf rub'n'buff.

It looks kind of weathered and 'shabby chic'.


  1. wow these are gorgeous ..I have never used gesso before...the results are great!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  2. OK, good girl, you're giving me some good ideas here! These are lovely.


  3. Locw the textured gesso Adrienee. I must try this, it;s a great look thanks.


  4. Sorry, the previous message should read "Love the textured Gesso Adrienne"


  5. Stunning! Love the looks you achieved :0)

  6. These are gorgeous. However, I have been experimenting with stamping into wet gesso, and all that happens is that there is a horrendous mess left when I remove the stamp, and no real impression is left. What am I doing wrong?

  7. Shoshi

    It may be the gesso you are using - some are thicker than others. I use Daler Rowney gesso in black or white as I find that suits me.

    You need to use a deeply etched stamp - I find those intended for fabric stamping or polymer clay work best.

    I paint the gesso on reasonably thickly, leave it for a few minutes to dry a little, then stamp into it, lift the stamp straight off and wash the stamp in cold water as soon as I've finished.

  8. Thanks Adrienne for replying so promptly. I've been using Cryla gesso (nearly finished) and have got Golden to replace it, not tried yet. Thanks for the hint. I'll try letting it dry a bit before stamping. My stamps are fairly deeply etched. Perhaps if I spread the gesso slightly more thinly it might work better? Love your work. Signing up to follow you! Thanks again.

  9. Adrienne - I've tried again with the stamping, and spreading the gesso more thinly is the answer. It's great! You can see my efforts on my blog. Thanks again!



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